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  1. Note : 1 、 users with transformer capacity above 100kva should apply interest rate adjustment charge system : power charge + interest rate adjustment charge
    说明: 1 、变压器容量在100kva以上的用户应执行利率调整电费:电量电费+利率调整电费。
  2. Industrial users with transformer capacity above 315kva should apply double charge system : basic charge + power charge + interest rate adjustment charge
  3. This article obtained from the analysis middle service basic meaning , has analyzed the middle service classification , the characteristic and the significance , has analyzed the state - owned commercial bank middle service development condition environment , through summarized in our country commercial bank middle service developing process to know lacked , the innovation ability insufficiency , the variety few , the legislation imperfect , the service charge is unreasonable and so on a series of questions , in view of commercial bank ' s actual condition , proposed the commercial bank had to enhance the understanding as soon as possible in the development middle service , to consummate the management mechanism , the strengthened product development , the implementation effective market marketing , consummates the talented person raise mechanism , the adjustment charge standard , guards against the market risk the corresponding strategic measure
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