administrative error造句


  1. Officials, however, insisted it was only an administrative error.
  2. According to Cognizant, this was due to unintentional administrative errors.
  3. Unfortunately, due in administrative error your cheque was mistakenly banked.
  4. The remainder was lost to vendor fraud and administrative error.
  5. Both clubs claimed they failed to meet the deadline through administrative errors.
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  7. Through an administrative error we failed to ask for it,
  8. It was purely an administrative error, a human error.
  9. The Ministry of Defense acknowledges that was an administrative error.
  10. The transactions involving Sudan were " inadvertent administrative errors,"
  11. The department blamed an " administrative error ."
  12. Krug said the incident was an administrative error, not a malicious act.
  13. Both clubs claimed they failed to meet the deadline because of administrative errors.
  14. It was, in fact, an administrative error.
  15. Officials apologized and said it was an " administrative error ."
  16. A planned broadcast was missed in Spring 2002 because of an administrative error.
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