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  1. I am considering advancing a proposal.
  2. Ruben P . Mendez, a historian of the United Nations Development Programme, has advanced a proposal for a levy on all international currency exchanges.
  3. By late June, several international interlocutors including the United Nations advanced a proposal to base 4, 200 Ethiopian soldiers in Abyei to serve as peacekeepers.
  4. Anthony Masiello, the mayor of Buffalo, where 47 percent of the property is tax-exempt, advanced a proposal to impose fees on nonprofit institutions.
  5. "The governor deserves credit for advancing a proposal for refinancing the Superfund program and attempting to stimulate the reuse of abandoned industrial sites, " he said.
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  7. But with the election behind it, the Republican leadership has advanced a proposal that, if passed, would slash the program anyway, by roughly $ 300 million.
  8. Fox also applauded work by the two leaders to advance a proposal Bush offered in January to give temporary visas to illegal immigrants, most from Mexico, already working in the United States.
  9. In this context, Valentin Sch黚ler advanced a proposal for lines from Stuttgart to Heilbronn and Ulm in the " Wochenblatt " newspaper, which was published by the Cotta publishing house of Stuttgart.
  10. Soon after touching down in Asia last week, Clinton advanced a proposal to engage the United States and China in a serious effort to start the long-delayed direct talks between North and South Korea.
  11. The two leaders also worked to advance a proposal Bush made in January to give temporary visas to illegal immigrants, most from Mexico, either working in the United States or with the promise of a job.
  12. In an effort to improve the prospects for Iraq debt relief, the administration is advancing a proposal to grant greater debt relief to at least 27 of the world's poorest countries, including Uganda, Bolivia and Ethiopia.
  13. State Reps . Kip Averitt, R-Waco, and Clyde Alexander, D-Athens, are never going to be mistaken for woolly-headed liberals, but they have advanced a proposal to raise the state gasoline tax a nickel.
  14. As a potential solution to the subprime mortgage crisis, legislators and consumer advocates have advanced a proposal to allow cram downs on these loans, and legislation to that effect was introduced for potential inclusion in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.
  15. When Morris Hillquit, the union's long-time counsel, advanced a proposal to create a new position of Executive Vice-President, which Schlesinger would hold, giving up his position as General Manager of the " Forward ", Sigman agreed.
  16. "As to whether they have drawn-out battles on legislation depends in part on whether one side or the other tries to advance a proposal that has a decidedly partisan cast to it, that doesn't have any natural support in both parties ."
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