aedes mosquitoes造句

"aedes mosquitoes"是什么意思   


  1. " dengue fever is a viral illness transmitted by the bite of infective aedes mosquito
  2. The virus is transmitted to humans by aedes mosquitoes , mainly aedes aegypti
  3. Dengue fever is a viral illness transmitted by the bite of the infectious aedes mosquito
  4. To avoid being a target of these aedes mosquitoes , they start buying anti - mosquito products
  5. Commercial aviation is also carrying infected individuals ? and aedes mosquitoes ? to new areas
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  7. They are more aware of their living environment , checking for and removing any stagnant water , a breeding ground for the aedes mosquitoes
  8. Global warming is extending the aedes mosquitoes ' habitat so that dengue has now marched north from latin america to the southern united states
  9. Dengue viruses are transmitted to humans through the bites of infective female aedes mosquitoes . the disease is not directly transmitted from person to person
  10. The dengue viruses are transmitted to humans through the bite of a female aedes mosquito , which acquires the viruses while feeding , normally on the blood of an infected person
  11. Because of the life - threatening nature of this disease , people are beginning realize the dangers of the aedes mosquitoes . many worry about their own safety and that of their family
  12. Dengue fever is transmitted by the aedes mosquito . once you contract dengue fever , symptoms are continuous high fever , headache , muscle aches , vomiting , loss of appetite and rashes
  13. Scientists in india ? which has both species of aedes mosquito ? have presented varying reports on the presence or absence of the mutation in chikungunya virus samples from india
  14. Aedes mosquitoes are characterized by white stripes on their bodies but these are barely visible to the naked eye . ovitraps also attract other insects to lay eggs . therefore we have to magnify the larvae under a stereomicroscope for proper identification


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