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  1. He maintains The Circle ( file system ) and libaffa, a C + + library for computing affine arithmetic.
  2. For this reason, affine arithmetic will often yield much tighter bounds than standard interval arithmetic ( whose errors are proportional to " h " ).
  3. After moving to UNICAMP, Jorge developed affine arithmetic, a model for self-validated computation ( which he had conceived in 1991 ), in collaboration with Luiz Figueiredo.
  4. Affine arithmetic is potentially useful in every numeric problem where one needs guaranteed enclosures to smooth functions, such as solving implicit and parametric surfaces, error analysis ( mathematics ), process control, worst-case analysis of electric circuits, and more.
  5. Affine arithmetic is meant to be an improvement on interval arithmetic ( IA ), and is similar to generalized interval arithmetic, first-order Taylor arithmetic, the center-slope model, and ellipsoid calculus & mdash; in the sense that it is an automatic method to derive first-order guaranteed approximations to general formulas.
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