ahl rookie of the year造句


  1. Last season's AHL rookie of the year, Jaroslav Svejkovsky, also is from the Czech Republic.
  2. Slap shots : Washington's Jaroslav Svejkovsky, the AHL Rookie of the Year, scored four goals in the Capitals'8-3 victory over Buffalo on Sunday night.
  3. With five shut-outs and a 30-19-2 record, Hextall became the first ( and so far only ) Bear to be named AHL Rookie of the Year as well as winning the Baz Bastien Memorial Trophy as the AHL's top goalie . ( As an NHL rookie the following season with the Flyers Hextall won both the Vezina Trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy . ) Although th Bears lost to the Adirondack Red Wings in the Calder Cup finals, Tookey also won the Jack Butterfield Trophy as MVP of the play-offs .)
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