1. In the year 1600, Ahmednagar was captured by the Mughals.
  2. It is about from Mumbai, from Ahmednagar and from Nashik.
  3. Thus the fort passed into the hands of the Ahmednagar kings.
  4. He served in Hyderabad Deccan, Ahmednagar, Ambala and Rawalpindi.
  5. Akolner is 16 km far from its District Main City Ahmednagar.
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  7. She lived and worked in Ahmednagar until her death in 1862.
  8. It is a palace build by Nizam Shahi rulers in Ahmednagar.
  9. Ahmednagar has several dozen buildings and sites from the Nizam Shahi period.
  10. Due to scarce rainfall, Ahmednagar often suffers from drought.
  11. Ahmednagar was invaded by a British force under General Wellesley and captured.
  12. On 26 January 1565, the neighboring kingdoms of Ahmednagar, Tirupathi.
  13. Kishvar Khan attacked Ahmednagar unsuccessfully and then fled to Golconda.
  14. Mr . Babusha migrated to Ahmednagar in 1951 for the work purpose.
  15. Barshi and Solapur frequently changed between Ahmednagar and Pune districts.
  16. Adams distinguished himself at the successful escalade of the Pettah of Ahmednagar.
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