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  1. It is thought that the puffins recolonised Ailsa Craig from Sheep Islands.
  2. She also carried out charters to Carradale and to Ailsa Craig.
  3. In 1597 he returned and took possession, with several others, of Ailsa Craig.
  4. Geologically Ailsa Craig is the remains of a volcanic plug from an extinct volcano.
  5. The winningest harness horse driver in the world also hails from the Ailsa Craig area.
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  7. From here the birds are returning to nearby Ailsa Craig, where they were once wiped out.
  8. Ross, a resident of Ailsa Craig, Ontario, died on September 18, 2014 at the age of 73.
  9. The beach is of the shingle and sand variety with views of Ailsa Craig, Arran and Kintyre.
  10. With an Ailsa Craig propeller it was expected to give a speed of under calm water conditions.
  11. The name of the title was taken from the Island of Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde.
  12. In 1914, it was redefined to consist of the townships of Adelaide, Ailsa Craig, Glencoe, Newbury and Wardsville.
  13. Arran with Kildonan and its beach clearly visible, Pladda and Ailsa Craig beyond in the Firth of Clyde ]]
  14. She did not proceed to Dunkirk, but headed for Glasgow, and was lost in a storm near Ailsa Craig.
  15. In 1972, Ailsa Craig ceased trading, although Dr Kisch and his son Christopher Kisch, continue to offer advice where appropriate.
  16. Various lanes lead down to a pebble beach, which offers views across the Kilbrannan Sound to Ireland and Ailsa Craig.
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