air flux造句

"air flux"是什么意思   


  1. The performance of supersonic inlet determines the pressure and the air flux in combustor , then affect the work of ramjet
  2. The design of the software and hardware of both the measurement of temperature , air flux and pressure and the open loop control is finished in this thesis
  3. Firstly , system cooling load , ventilation flux and thermal and humid processing were calculated and its feasibility was showed from the temperature , humidity of indoor air and fresh air flux
  4. Whole scheme of frame design of test - bed is proposed as : the host fanner supply the firebox the once and twice air required by diesel oil ' s burning and the cooling air ; the export parameter of the test - bed is varied by the adjust of the flux of air and diesel oil . and the air flux is varied by adjusting the rev of the fanner adjusted by transducer and the corner of the fan inlet adjusted by step motor . the quantity of oil is varied by adjusting the oil valve adjusted by step motor ; the measurement of the air flux in the test - bed adopts the method of fanner dynamics performance test in the nation criterion
  5. The measurement system is based on pci bus and designed to integral measure the engine ’ s parameters such as pressure , engine rotate speed , air flux , etc . the system is very important in evaluatiang 、 ameliorating and repairing airplane engine because it provides relevant exam data for the airplane engine design
  6. It's difficult to find air flux in a sentence. 用air flux造句挺难的


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