air for the g string造句


  1. Humphrey herself was seen in an old film of " Air for the G String ."
  2. Her choreography from these early years includes Air for the G String, Water Study, Life of the Bee, Two Ecstatic Themes and The Shakers.
  3. In " Air for the G String " ( 1928 ), Humphrey creates a sense of almost celestial serenity through the use of nothing but simple slow walking steps.
  4. In the 1928 " Air for the G String " ( the dance's title comes from its music, Bach's Third Orchestral Suite ), the company pointed up Humphrey's search for new beginnings.
  5. _2 : 50 p . m . Students sprawled on the floor with drawing and writing tools scattered around them as they listened to " Air for the G String " by Bach played on a Sharp CD player through Pioneer speakers.
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  7. The cassettes documenting " Air for the G String, " a female quintet to Bach, and " The Call / Breath of Fire, " a solo to piano music by Dane Rudhyar, each include historical film footage in which Humphrey herself dances.


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