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  1. Test method for thermal shock resistance of refractory products air quenching
  2. Secondly , preparation of reactive powder concrete with air quench steel slag and its performance are mainly studied through experiment . the results show that : ( 1 ) when binder - to - sand ratio is 1 , silica fume percentage of binder is 15 , and steel fiber percentage in volume is 4 , reactive powder concrete prepared can get best overall performances
    其次,作者主要对钢渣活性粉末混凝土配制及其性能进行了试验研究,结果表明: ( 1 )胶砂比为1 : 1 ,硅灰掺量为15 ,钢纤维掺量为4时所配制的活性粉末混凝土的综合性能比较理想。
  3. In order to decrease the unit cost of reactive powder concrete and increase the utilization of steel slag , the author , considering the raw materials in our contry and basing on the domestic and international research results , studies on preparation of reactive powder concrete using air quench steel slag replacing the quartz sand as aggregate through experiment
  4. The characters and the stability of volume of air quench steel slag have been summarized first in this paper . the air quench steel slag has good physical and chemistrial properties , and can be used to prepare concretes as aggregate . at the same time , theoretical analyzation and experiment results also show that f - cao content is very low , and mgo exists in the ro phase , so the volume of air quench steel slag is stabile
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