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  1. In addition to the Germany clasp, for those service members who performed 92 consecutive days of military duty during the Berlin Airlift in 1948 and 1949, the Berlin Airlift Device is authorized as a device to the Army of Occupation Medal.
  2. To qualify for the Airlift Device ( worn with the Army of Occupation Medal ), a person had to serve at least 90 consecutive days in direct support of the airlift, which took place June 26, 1948, to Sept . 30, 1949.
  3. In fact, provided they qualified in terms of time and duty, everyone who participated in the airlift was eligible to receive a Humane Action Medal and / or a Berlin Airlift Device, said Joseph Studak of the Berlin Airlift Veterans Association in Austin, Texas.
  4. The "'Berlin Airlift Device "'is miniature gold airplane that was awarded for wear on occupation medals and ribbons issued to United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard service personnel for participation in or in direct support of, the Berlin airlift during the Cold War.
  5. The "'Medal for Humane Action "'is a military award of the United States armed forces which was created by an act ( 63 Stat . 477 ) of the United States Congress on July 20, 1949 . The medal recognizes those military service members who performed extended duty in support of the Berlin Airlift . The medal is based on the design of the Berlin Airlift Device.
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  7. Those awarded the Army of Occupation Medal or Navy Occupation Service Medal and the Berlin Airlift Device may also be entitled to the Medal for Humane Action awarded for at least 120 days of service or direct support thereof of the Berlin airlift . The 31 American service personnel and one Army civilian worker of the 101 persons who lost their lives mostly due to plane crashes during the Berlin airlift were awarded the Medal of Humane Action posthumously.


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