airlift international造句


  1. In 1965, Riddle Airlines was renamed to Airlift International.
  2. On 1 July 1966, Slick Airways was shut down, and the assets were acquired by Airlift International.
  3. Caledonian acquired the 707-365C that had originally been ordered by British Eagle and delivered to Airlift International in February 1967.
  4. He joined the Riddle Airlines, later Airlift International, board of directors in August 1962 and was made chairman in September.
  5. Airlift International was founded as "'Riddle Airlines "'by John Paul Riddle in 1945 in Miami, Florida as a freight airline.
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  7. The freight schedule was augmented by charter flights to South America and the military but by 1981 Airlift International went into F-27 models were used.
  8. Several defunct airlines, including Airlift International, Arrow Air, National Airlines, and Rich International Airways, were headquartered on or near the airport property.
  9. He said the airlines shut down were Merengue Air, Alas del Trasnporte Internacional, Carga Aerea Dominicana, Airlift International, Hispaniola Airways, Operadora Aerea Caribena and Conair.


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