airlift northwest造句


  1. News of the crash hit Airlift Northwest's staff of nurses hard.
  2. Airlift Northwest has two other helicopters and 54 nurses.
  3. The helicopter was operated by Airlift Northwest, which draws nurses from four Seattle hospitals.
  4. Stickels called Airlift Northwest when the helicopter failed to land within the usual 10 minutes required for the flight.
  5. Airlift Northwest crews played key roles in the response to the 2014 Oso mudslide, transporting 5 injured survivors to area hospitals.
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  7. "Everyone here is in a state of disbelief, " said Debbie Sampson, chief flight nurse for Airlift Northwest.
  8. The injured man is in such bad shape, he is transported by an Airlift Northwest helicopter to Seattle and the Harborview Medical Center burn unit.
  9. Firefighters work with an Airlift Northwest crew to prepare a patient for helicopter transport from Raab Park in Poulsbo, Washington to Seattle's Harborview Medical Center in December 2006
  10. This is Airlift Northwest's first accident since it began operating in 1982, the company's director, Dr . Michael Copass, said at a midmorning news conference.
  11. Olympic Flight Museum is located at the Olympia Airport, and Airlift Northwest, the region's air medical transport service uses the airport as one of its medical helicopter bases.
  12. Helicopter medical flights are routinely made from Seattle to Western Washington points to save time because many rural areas don't have runways that can accommodate fixed-wing planes, according to Airlift Northwest officials.


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