airlift of evil造句


  1. This event known as the Kunduz airlift, which is also popularly called the " Airlift of Evil ", involved several Pakistani Air Force transport planes flying multiple sorties over a number of days.
  2. In November 2001, Taliban, Al-Qaeda combatants and ISI operatives were safely evacuated from Kunduz on Pakistan Air Force cargo aircraft to Pakistan Air Force bases in Chitral and Gilgit in Pakistan's Northern Areas in what has been dubbed the " Airlift of Evil ".
  3. Several thousand Taliban and al-Qaeda foreign fighters, along with agents of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence and military personnel, were evacuated by Pakistan Air Force aircraft during the last three days of the siege, in an event that has been nicknamed the Airlift of Evil.
  4. In November 2001, before the capture of Kunduz by United Front troops under the command of Mohammad Daud Daud, thousands of top commanders and regular fighters of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agents and military personnel, and other volunteers and sympathizers in the Kunduz airlift, dubbed the Airlift of Evil by US military forces around Kunduz and subsequently used as a term in media reports, were evacuated and airlifted out of Kunduz by Pakistan Army cargo aircraft to Pakistan Air Force air bases in Chitral and Gilgit in Pakistan's Northern Areas.
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