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  1. Ensuring flight safety , airspace capacity enhancement and operational efficiency of aircraft through highly efficient air traffic management
  2. And then , a set of software of airspace evaluation is introduced . the factors that affect airspace capacity are also discussed , hi the end , the further research work of airspace evaluation is pointed out
  3. The surveillance capability of the hong kong air traffic control system is further enhanced with the commissioning of a new route surveillance radar ( rsr ) at mount parker , quarry bay . this helps maximise airspace capacity and ensure flight safety
  4. Abstract : considering the restriction of multiple airport and airspace capacity , multiple unit ground holding strategy problem with deterministic capacity is studied , including the mathematical model and a new algorithm based on heuristic method and artificial intelligence
  5. To enhance safety , operational efficiency as well as airport and airspace capacity in pearl river delta area to meet the future traffic demand , a tripartite working group has been established to identify a long term airspace and air traffic management plan which will satisfy the estimated traffic requirement in 2020
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  7. The main responsibility of airspace management is to manage the airspace of a country in order to ensure the appropriate , secure and effective use of the airspace , and airspace management includes many contents such as airspace design , airspace distribution etc . because the relationship between increasing needs of airspace using and airspace capacity that is almost keeping invariable must be processed appropriately , the effective use of current airspace becomes a focus at the same time of researching how to ensure the maximum security
    空域管理主要是对一个国家的空域( airspace )进行管理,以确保其正确、安全、有效的使用,它包括空域的设计、分配等诸多内容。由于必须协调好不断增长的空域使用需要和几乎保持不变的空域容量,使研究如何保证最大的安全性的同时,高效利用现有空域成为一个焦点问题。


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