1. He is also a regular talker on Akashwani.
  2. In 1933, she started performing on Akashwani.
  3. Radio Punjabi Akashwani's main audience was first and second generation Indo-Canadians.
  4. Instead, she heard an Akashwani stating that it was only to test the hospitality of the couple.
  5. All India Radio or Akashwani Bhawanipatna started on 30.12.1993 near Naktiguda, outskirt of the city.
  6. It's difficult to find akashwani in a sentence. 用akashwani造句挺难的
  7. Darwhekar was Assistant Producer at Delhi Doordarshan from 1961 to 1963, before moving to Mumbai All India Radio ( Akashwani ) as Producer.
  8. One of Rajan's orchestral presentations, Oasis, was awarded the Certificate of merit by the jury of the nationwide Akashwani Awards for 1996.
  9. He is an All India Radio'B'high Graded artist and has several performances lined up with the AIR Akashwani all throughout the year.
  10. An activist in the field of history and monuments, Qureshi has promoted Aurangabad at the national level through his Radio talks on Akashwani ( All India Radio ).
  11. He has compared more than 100 national and international events live at AIR Akashwani like Republic Day Parade, International Film Festival in Goa, Lahore bus trip etc.
  12. As of 2004 the area had five radio stations broadcasting material in Punjabi : Rim Jhim, Gurbani Radio, Punjab Radio, Radio India, and Radio Punjabi Akashwani.
  13. He managed to get a job in Mumbai Akashwani ( State Radio ) with the help of another fellow poet Mangesh Padgaonkar, but he had to give up his job in 1961 because of his'eccentric behaviour '.
  14. The first official edition of the text of these fifty-six poems and their prose narrations came out on the occasion of Vijayadashami, 3 October 1957, published for Akashwani by the director of the Publications Division, Delhi, in pocketbook size.
  15. The Government of India included him the Akashwani Award, Swar Vilas title of Sursingar Samsad, Mumbai ( 1971 ), Gaan Maharishi title of the Jagatguru Shankaracharya Sankeshwar Peet ( 1975 ), Bhuwalka Award of Sangeet Saurabh ( 1982 ) and Sangeet Bhishmacharya title of the All World Marathi Sammellan, Mumbai ( 1989 ).
  16. I didn t have any crush, I was busy swimming, riding, skating and doing radio plays on Akashwani, for which I was paid Rupees 10 . " When her elder sister died in a car accident, leaving behind two daughters, Kaushal decided to marry her brother-in-law, B . S . Sood, in 1948 and she set up home in Bombay where her husband was a chief engineer in the Bombay Port Trust.


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