1. The Icelandic folk dance ensemble " Vefarinn " comes from Akureyri.
  2. Beyond this age, students travel to Akureyri for further education.
  3. The aircraft rotated between being based at Reykjav韐 and at Akureyri.
  4. Akureyri, Iceland _ Prime ministers of Nordic nations meet.
  5. The University of Akureyri was founded in 1987 and is growing rapidly.
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  7. Folk culture in general is more prevalent in Akureyri than in Reykjav韐.
  8. During the summer there are several festivals in Akureyri and its surroundings.
  9. The Laugaland field near Akureyri was the first geothermal source commercially developed.
  10. The Akureyri base was immediately ordered to move its aircraft to Reykjav韐.
  11. PAME's headquarters are located in Akureyri, Iceland.
  12. In Akureyri Bj鰎gvin composed numerous songs and minor musical works.
  13. He died in 1961, and was buried in Akureyri.
  14. The team is based in Akureyri, and was founded in 1937.
  15. Two of the five largest fishing companies in Iceland are headquartered in Akureyri,
  16. Its main bases are Reykjav韐 Airport and Akureyri Airport.
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