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  1. During an algal bloom the ph of the water can be as high as 10 .
  2. During an algal bloom the ph of the water can be as high as 10
    藻类水华期间,水的ph值可高达10 。
  3. Grey correlative analytic evaluation of water quality of xiangxi river bay during algal bloom
  4. Biological oceanography ; global warming ; plankton ecology ; harmful algal bloom
  5. Red tide ( or harmful algal bloom ) and water quality have great impacts on the mariculture operations in hong kong
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  7. Red tides or algal blooms are natural discolorations of seawater caused by the rapid multiplication of algae
  8. Bloom a sudden growth of microorganisms in a freshwater or marine ecosystem , often known as an algal bloom
  9. In the united states , the government says harmful algal blooms cause more than eighty million dollars in economic losses each year
  10. He has located possible exits for such a channel , as well as tiny fossils of mediterranean algal blooms formed in the past 10 , 000 years
  11. An algal bloom is a rapid buildup of algae that sucks oxygen out of the water while releasing toxic substances , killing marine plants and fish
  12. The research also found that biodiversity loss is tightly linked to declining water quality , harmful algal blooms , ocean dead zones , fish kills , and coastal flooding
  13. Based on the case study of algal bloom , the analysis of its formation and hazards , etc . , the paper dwells on the impact of algal bloom to the world economy , and thus offers the way of its prevention and treatment
  14. Part of the reason for this was that , while these wczs were overall not the most seriously polluted in hong kong , some embayments within the wczs in particular tolo harbour were highly sensitive to nutrient enrichment and algal bloom
  15. New york ( reuters health ) jan 12 - the aerosolized toxins that come with harmful algal blooms , commonly known as " red tides , " significantly impair lung function in patients with asthma , new research shows
    纽约(路透社健康版) 1月12日? ?最新研究显示,有害的水藻类开花繁殖时,也就是通常人们所说的“红潮” ,产生的气凝胶状毒素严重削弱哮喘病人的肺功能。
  16. However , an algal bloom occurred in the pond in mid - april . after observations for a period of time , the situation became worse and the water quality also deteriorated . if the situation continued it might affect the growth of insects and freshwater plants there
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