algal research造句


  1. Sivasubramanian has been involved in algal research in the college from 1988.
  2. "' Meenakshi Banerjee "'is an Indian cyanobacteriologist and presently works as the head of the Center for Applied Algal Research at Rice University in Houston, Texas.
  3. With the guidance of M . S . Randhawa, then Vice-President of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, he established an algal research centre at the institute which is known to have conducted research on Algae and published several research papers and books on the subject.
  4. "' Shirley Winifred Jeffery "'( April 4, 1930  January 4, 2014 ) was an Australian marine biologist and naturalist, who researched biochemical separation techniques, specialising in micro-algal research; her discovery, isolation and purification of chlorophyll C allowed for the evaluation of oceanic microscopic plant biomass and photosynthesis.
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