algal toxins造句


  1. Shellfish poisoning affected over a hundred humans, and now saxitoxin is recognized as one of the most deadly algal toxins.
  2. These carp, which have natural defenses to their toxins, sometimes can contain enough algal toxins in their systems to become hazardous to eat.
  3. Under the European Commission's Shellfish Hygiene Directive, Member States must have algal toxin monitoring programs, which cover all the commercial shellfish production areas.
  4. This is a potent enzyme inhibitor, in this case preventing the RNA polymerase II enzyme from transcribing DNA . The algal toxin microcystin is also a peptide and is an inhibitor of protein phosphatases.
  5. "' Azaspiracids "'( AZA ) are a group of polycyclic ether marine algal toxins produced by the small dinoflagellate " Azadinium spinosum " that can accumulate in humans causing illnesses.
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  7. Although no data illustrate the direct association of YTXs and toxicity in humans, issues with regards to the potential health risks of YTXs still stand due to the significant animal toxicity observed, and like other algal toxins present within shellfish, YTKs are not destroyed by heating or freezing.


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