algal turf scrubber造句


  1. In describing the algal turf scrubber he designed, he explained that removing excess nutrients was not its only function.
  2. ARS scientists originally developed the " algal turf scrubber " to reduce nutrient runoff and increase quality of water flowing into streams, rivers, and lakes.
  3. Another possibility is the use of algae production systems to clean up non-point source pollution, in a system known as an algal turf scrubber ( ATS ).
  4. He called them " Algal Turf Scrubbers ", because at the time it was believed that " turf " algae was the best type of algae to grow in a scrubber.
  5. He designed and built various exhibits ranging in size up to 3000 gallons, and modeled different aquatic ecological systems including a tropical coral reef / lagoon which " after 8 years of closure [ to the environment ], had its chemical parameters controlled solely by an algal turf scrubber.
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