1. The Allegretto is wobbly waltz time; the finale is embarrassingly sincere.
  2. Herald-Tribune news research coordinator Cindy Allegretto contributed to this report.
  3. The tempo marking for the movement is " Allegretto ".
  4. So did the allegretto, which was as brash as one could want.
  5. News research coordinator Cindy Allegretto contributed to this report.
  6. It's difficult to find allegretto in a sentence. 用allegretto造句挺难的
  7. It consists of two movements : a short " Allegretto cantabile"
  8. He is known to have worked with Allegretto Nuzi.
  9. Furthermore, the " allegretto " from his neoclassical clarity to it.
  10. As they do, Allegretto leaves the reunion to retrieve Polka from her village.
  11. This motion is also evident in the allegretto stretching from measures 5 and 6.
  12. The fourth, Allegretto scherzando, is a very quick scherzo-like movement.
  13. EDWARD L . ALLEGRETTO : Always a Song
  14. Edward L . Allegretto loved to sing.
  15. The " Allegretto " first movement creates a carefree mood using nursery tunes.
  16. Following the transition to the Allegretto section in, we have the second main theme.
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