1. Ms . Alongi had problems breathing and was taken to the hospital.
  2. Angela Alongi almost left for the wrong reasons.
  3. "I noticed people started coughing, " said Ms . Alongi.
  4. Phil Alongi was eager to share a view of the Democratic convention from his favorite perspective.
  5. In Corleone and Prizzi cooperatives were created thanks to socialist leaders like Alongi and Vincenzo Schillaci.
  6. It's difficult to find alongi in a sentence. 用alongi造句挺难的
  7. Come Recognition, Ms . Alongi was looking forward to walking the halls without getting chewed out.
  8. Gristina attempted to block the push for renewal that Alongi and his group carried out intimidating and infiltrating the peasant movement.
  9. Soon after, the man whose face they had looked at for so long was standing before them, Alongi said Friday.
  10. Gradually, Ms . Alongi has built a sense of belonging through the crew team, Christian Fellowship and teaching Sunday school.
  11. For her part, Ms . Alongi decided she would just walk up and down the hallways for a while, alone.
  12. "If I just talk to a guy I get accused of being a big frat, " said Angela Alongi.
  13. Doaman, Burgwald, McFarren, Alongi and Lee all went through Beast basic training together and were warned by their squad leaders.
  14. Other elected officials are Sheriff Ralph Fletcher, Circuit Clerk Brenda Jackson, County Clerk George Foley, Assessor Joe Alongi and Prosecuting Attorney James Davis.
  15. With the killing of Orcel and Alongi, the undisputed leaders of the union movement Sicilian, the " red biennium " in Sicily was repressed.
  16. But after he was put in an interrogation room and read his rights, the story changed, a former detective, Robert Alongi, testified Monday.
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