alongside a pier造句

"alongside a pier"是什么意思   


  1. The minesweeper was wrecked; the submarine was sunk alongside a pier; and the destroyers and were damaged.
  2. Alongside a pier in Massawa, Eritreans are painstakingly building new boats and repairing their old brightly colored fishing dhows.
  3. One method is for the ship to moor alongside a pier, connect with cargo hoses or marine loading arms.
  4. "Illinois " was constructed alongside a pier and gave the appearance that she was moored to the wharf.
  5. There is one hell of a difference between a " dock " and a " pier " with the old Bowditch definition of " dock " being illustrative : " "'dock : The space between two two piers "', or a basin or enclosre for reception of vessels and controlling the water level . " The ship lies " in " the dock alongside a pier.
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