alongside time造句

"alongside time"是什么意思   


  1. This reduces the vulnerability of serviced ships by reducing alongside time.
  2. The previous countdown style was retained, with images of everyday life alongside time-lapse photography being used.
  3. The Rondarises also once operated the Shooting Star Freight Service alongside Times to answer the freight-moving needs of Ilocos Sur.
  4. The merger is also receiving a close review by the European Commission, which is considering it alongside Time Warner's agreement to buy the EMI Group, a rival record company.
  5. Half a year later, when on 9 May 2016 Chancellor Faymann resigned from all his posts, Kern was again named one of the candidates alongside Time Warner manager Gerhard Zeiler and former Siemens manager.
  6. It's difficult to find alongside time in a sentence. 用alongside time造句挺难的
  7. The merger announced Tuesday vaults Viacom into the major leagues of media conglomerates alongside Time Warner Inc . and the Walt Disney Co . with a major stable of properties across TV, movies, radio and outdoor advertising.
  8. Magazines . com was started by Jay Clarke, working alongside Time Inc ., in 1999 . A sports enthusiast and former banker, Clarke had previously co-founded an entrepreneurial venture called Monorail Computer Corporation, which manufactured personal computers for consumers.


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