alongside you造句


  1. It would have been good to stand alongside you and announce this.
  2. I am proud to have won some battles alongside you.
  3. It has been a great privilege working alongside you all.
  4. The other thing, people are coming behind you, or alongside you.
  5. He has no experience with trying to mediate with you or editing alongside you.
  6. It's difficult to find alongside you in a sentence. 用alongside you造句挺难的
  7. "I will always be alongside you, " she said to cheers.
  8. UKIP will fight alongside you to ensure the NHS is excluded from this agreement ."
  9. "They want to work independently alongside you, as a colleague, " she explains.
  10. They seem fond of people and will sidle right up alongside you in the water to be petted.
  11. Paul was able to focus people and provide vision, but then he got in the march right alongside you.
  12. The little springer spaniel mix is house-broken, and she walks alongside you if you put her on a leash.
  13. A good pair of hiking boots and a dear friend walking alongside you on an East Texas trail in the national forest.
  14. Our professional production team and group of world class artists will work alongside you to create the ultimate in corporate event entertainment.
  15. They said he comes to play and that he is the kind of guy you want to have alongside you in a game.
  16. I still have to put them in but it's always a pleasure to play with quality players alongside you ."
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