american indian pidgin english造句


  1. Long time no see you . " This example is intended to reflect usage in American Indian Pidgin English.
  2. Chinglish may have influenced some English expressions that are " calques " or " loan translations " from Chinese Pidgin English, for instance, " Native American's speech, and thus more likely derives from American Indian Pidgin English.
  3. 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language, Teshenawa language, Tetserret language, Thracian language, Tidikelt Tamazight language, Tidore language, Tigre language, Tigrinya language, Tijuana Sign Language, Tlingit language, Tobagonian Creole English language, Tobelo language, Tok Pisin language, Tolowa language, Tombidi language, Toram language, Tornedalen Finnish language, Toromono language, Torres Strait Creole language, Tosu language, Towei language, Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language, Trinidadian Creole English language, Ts'ixa language, Tsamai language, Tsetsaut language, Tshobdun language, Tsuvan language, Tualatin-Yamhill language, Tugutil language, Tumak language, Tumzabt language, Tundra Enets language, Tunen language, Tunisian Arabic language, Tunisian-Zuwara Berber language, Tunni language, Tunumiisiut language, Turks And Caicos Creole English language, Turoyo language, Tututni language, Ubi language, Udmurt language, Ulwa language, Ume Sami language, Umeda language, Unggumi language, Unubahe language, Upper Kuskokwim language, Upper Tanana language, Upper Umpqua language, Urucuc鷖 language, Uwinymil language, Uzbeki Arabic language, Valencian Sign Language, Vame language, Vazimba language, Vemgo-Mabas language, Venture駉 language, Veps language, Vili language, Vincentian Creole English language, Virgin Islands Creole English language, Vivti language, Votic language, Waata language, Wagawaga language, Wagu language, Wailaki language, Waioli language, Wakabunga language, Wampano language, Wanyi language, Waris language, Waritai language, Warji language, Warkay-Bipim language, Wavu-II language, West Central Oromo language, West Greenlandic Eskimo Pidgin language, West Nyala language, Western Apache language, Western Durango Nahuatl language, Western Jicaque language, Western Mari language, Western Neo-Aramaic language, Wichita language, Wirangu language, Worrorra language, Wulwulam language, Wuzlam language, WW2 Pidgin German language, Xuzhang Lalo language, Yaaku language, Yafi language, 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  4. It's difficult to find american indian pidgin english in a sentence. 用american indian pidgin english造句挺难的


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