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  1. The notes from the session were released a year after the seminar in a special symposium issue of American Indian Quarterly, edited by Peter G Beidler.
  2. In an interview with Jennifer Andrews for the " American Indian Quarterly ", Glancy tells Andrews that  the land had to give me permission to write.
  3. She also was a part of " " A Ventriloquy of Anthros " " in the " American Indian Quarterly " along with James Owen Dorsey and Eugene Buechel.
  4. His articles and reviews have appeared in the History / Social Science Journal, Diggins ( Butte County Historical Society ), the Dogtown Territorian Quarterly, now known as The California Territorial Quarterly, John Muir Newsletter, Overland Journal, Canadian Social Studies, California History, the American Indian Quarterly, Journal of the West, Pacific Northwest Quarterly, and Nevada Historical Society Quarterly.
  5. In assessing the chief's legacy after his death in 1866, Crisca Bierwert points out in an American Indian Quarterly paper that besides questions surrounding his speech, people such as Klallam leader Phillip Howell thought of him as " a low type of Indian, a joke among the Natives and worse, a coward and a traitor " for going along with the treaty negotiations and yielding Indian lands to the white men.
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