american indian race造句


  1. He thought they were the product of the mixing of the Spanish and American Indian races.
  2. Morton's polygenism explicitly stated the Mound Builders were an American Indian race of great antiquity, they did not migrate from Asia, and their physical form has remained essentially unchanged in their descendants.
  3. The 1775 treatise " The Natural Varieties of Mankind ", by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach proposed five major divisions : the Caucasoid race, the Mongoloid race, the American Indian race, and the Malayan race, but he did not propose any hierarchy among the races.
  4. The committee adopted a Statement of Purpose composed of six principles that addressed concepts of equal rights, good citizenship, and race betterment, and asserted that in all Association activities,  the honor of the race and the good of the country will always be paramount .  The preamble declares that the time has come when the American Indian race should contribute, in a more united way, its influence and exertion with the rest of the citizens of the United States in all lines of progress and reform, for the welfare of the Indian race in particular, and humanity in general . 
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