amplified musical instrument造句


  1. As of 2008, most electric or amplified musical instruments are electric versions of chordophones ( including pianos, guitars and violins ); an exception is the varitone, an amplified saxophone ( part of the aerophone family ) that was first introduced by The Selmer Company in 1965.
  2. At the end of 1931, Beauchamp, Barth, Rickenbacker and with several other individuals banded together and formed the Ro-Pat-In Corporation ( elekt " RO "-" PAT " ent-" IN " struments ) in order to manufacture and distribute electrically amplified musical instruments, with an emphasis upon their newly developed A-25 Hawaiian Guitar, often referred to as the " Frying Pan " lap-steel electric guitar as well as an Electric Spanish ( standard ) model and companion amplifiers.
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