analysis of simulation result造句

"analysis of simulation result"是什么意思   


  1. The disturbance canceling structures for linearized and nonlinear aeroengine are studied , separately . the analysis of simulation results is submitted
  2. A comparative analysis of simulation results and theoretical computing results proves the feasibility of both the compensation methods
  3. Analysis of simulation results of the model shows that the model is able to express correctly the relation between the yield and water use of spring wheat and this method has some unique merit
  4. Finally through the analysis of simulation results , the validity and the reliablility of the modelx the algorithm are confirmed , and some theoretic methods and foundations are offered to the actual atfm
  5. System view is a comprehensive dynamic systems analysis environment for the design and simulation of communication systems . the simulation system of modulation and demodulation is built under the environment of dynamic simulation software system view and the simulation experiment of imitating physical environment is made , and it makes analysis of simulation result in performance
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  7. Use the magnetic vector for the observation information , the paper estimate the location and rate of the satellite , analysis of simulation results and the sources of error . to further enhance navigation accuracy , the paper study the unscented kalman filter , compare with the extend kalman filter . in the same initial conditions of the extend kalman filter , we do the simulation
  8. Then , the external interface , interface timing and data structure of dw8051 ip core are illustrated in detail according to mcs - 51 signal chip . afterwards , the peripheral modules have been framed and designed from system level to register - transmission - logic ( rtl ) level according to the ic card telephone application . finally , the logic synthesis methodology , static timing analysis strategy and prototype emulate are proposed and used for the analysis of simulation results
    论文的研究从soc的概述引入,介绍了soc的现状;其次,结合mcs - 51单片机,给出了synopsys公司的ip核dw8051的外部接口及接口时序和数据结构;然后,根据智能ic卡话机的应用需要,从系统级到寄存器传输级( rtl )对dw8051核的外围电路接口模块进行详细规划和设计;最后,详细给出了soc设计流程中的逻辑综合技术、静态时序分析技术和仿真测试方案,并将其运用到论文的研究工作之中,给出了相关仿真测试结果。


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