and no wonder造句

"and no wonder"是什么意思   


  1. jesus wept : and no wonder, by christ
  2. ivory remains a favorite among consumers, too, and no wonder
  3. i was saying to madame, with whom i had the pleasure of chatting when you entered, that they tell me there is-and no wonder !-much sympathy and anger in saint antoine, touching the unhappy fate of poor gaspard
  4. till he d gone and married that bertha coutts, as if to spite himself . some people do marry to spite themselves, because they re disappointed of something . and no wonder it had been a failure .-for years he was gone, all the time of the war : and a lieutenant and all : quite the gentleman, really quite the gentleman !-then to come back to tevershall and go as a game-keeper
  5. It's difficult to find and no wonder in a sentence. 用and no wonder造句挺难的


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