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  1. Each side of a regular octagon subtends half a right angle at the centre of the circle which connects its vertices.
  2. The angle at the centre of the Earth that the ray of light passing through the body's GP makes with the line running from the observer's zenith is the same as the zenith distance.
  3. Due to the move from an original position on Kirk Road, and the fact that it incorporates a large sundial, it has been placed at an unusual angle at the centre of the'new'village.
  4. If the two points are not directly opposite each other, one of these arcs, the "'minor arc "', will subtend an angle at the centre of the circle that is less than radians ( 180 degrees ), and the other arc, the "'major arc "', will subtend an angle greater than radians.
  5. This chord subtends an angle at the centre equal to 2arcsin ( cos " ? " sin ) and the great circle distance between A and B is 2 " a " arcsin ( cos " ? " sin ) . ) In the extreme case where the longitudinal separation is 180? the distance along the parallel is one half of the circumference of that parallel; i . e ., 10, 007.5 km.
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