angle ball造句


  1. Tightly angled balls and approach shots still give him difficulty.
  2. She was lunging for deep, angled balls and hitting crisp returns.
  3. His speed often helps, as does his skill for angling balls through the infield.
  4. Strang faced 17 balls without scoring and was caught at second slip to an angled ball from Mullally.
  5. Strang got a thick edge to an angled ball and was caught at second slip by Graeme Hick with the total at 29.
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  7. Del Piero kicked an angled ball on the right of Deportivo goalkeeper Francisco Molina, who dived and managed to deflect the ball past the post with the tips of his fingers.
  8. Elway, slow dropping back, throwing on the move, failing to so much as complete a pass for 20 minutes, fired low-angled balls that the Jets'defensive line played paddle ball with.


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