angle closure glaucoma造句

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  1. Chronic angle closure glaucoma
  2. Acute angle closure glaucoma
  3. Angle closure glaucoma
  4. Phacoemulsification in patients with cataract and secondary angle closure glaucoma
  5. Although 25 eyes presented with acute angle closure glaucoma , 6 eyes were insidious onset and asymptomatic
    虽然大多数的病例( 25只眼)以急性发作为临床表徵,但有6只眼为隐袭性,无任何临床症状。
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  7. Preliminary clinical study on the management of chronic angle closure glaucoma by phacoemulsification for cataract surgery combined with lysis of the synechiae
  8. Five eyes ( 16 % ) developed chronic angle closure glaucoma due to peripheral anterior synechia . one could be controlled by chronic medical therapy , three required trabeculectomy , the another one even required cyclocryotherapy because poor iop control after trabeculectomy
    5只眼( 16 % )因周边前黏连发生慢性隅角闭锁性青光眼,其中1只眼可以药物控制, 3只眼需做小梁切除术,另1只眼做小梁切除术后眼压仍无法控制而接受睫状体冷冻治疗。


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