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  1. Consequentially, this shaped Pangaea and animal adaptations.
  2. Educational topics range from studies of pond life to animal adaptations to geology, and often involve a hands-on approach.
  3. Other episodes examine animal topics relevant to many species, such as " Animal Communication ", " Animal Adaptation ", and " Swimming ".
  4. Over the course of 20 years, the Museum has hosted thousands of school classes and community groups, teaching them about biodiversity, ecosystems, wildlife, animal adaptations and natural history.
  5. More specifically, its purpose is to study the continent's geological past, potential sea resources, wind strengths, air pollution, and the animal adaptation in a freezing environment.
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  7. Current offerings include " Wildlife on Wheels, " a series of in-classroom programs for elementary students about endangered species, animal adaptations, animal taxonomy, and rainforest environments, various school programs at the zoo, teacher workshops, university internships, and curriculum supplements.
  8. Apart from this, members of the ` Student zoo club get valuable experience as they get exposed to adventure while getting educated about wildlife management, conservation, animal behaviour, their habitats, ecosystems, evolution, animal adaptations, reproduction, nutrition, animal housing and husbandry.
  9. Vixen can also assume a hybrid form, in which she maintains a humanoid form but with certain animal adaptations, like when she took on the gills, fins, and missing eyes of a blind cavefish in " JSA Classified " and later shape-shifted into a humanoid wolf ( retaining the cave fish's blindness ).


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