animal agriculture造句

"animal agriculture"是什么意思   


  1. animal agriculture was on the defensive .
  2. the present situation and the challenge which the future of animal agriculture in north america faced
  3. for years, it has been believed that feed additives and medicated feed additives use in the animal agriculture industry contain antibiotics, hormones and chemical ingredients with heavy metals
  4. part one of diet for a new america exposed the horrors of factory farming . part two convincingly demonstrated how deadly meat-based diets are, and how healthy and safe vegetarianism even veganism is . part three introduced the world to the incredible environmental consequences of animal agriculture, which even many vegetarians were unaware of before the book was published
  5. we currently manufacture two major portfolio of biotechnology products developed by a r d team led by yanbaoqin, a senior veterinary technician, along with highly regarded experts and academics from various areas throughout the country and the world . today, we launch an unprecedented revolutionary biotechnology to the animal agriculture industry and human food safety history
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