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  1. Animal Aid : http : / / www . animalaid . org . uk/
  2. Though strictly not needed to finish the game, animal aid is a unique feature.
  3. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said the cull was " grotesque, obscene and absurd.
  4. Animal Aid Egypt, along with a group of volunteers, started helping improve the animals'living conditions.
  5. Nevertheless, the Home Office rejects Animal Aid's call for a nationwide audit of surgical research on animals.
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  7. Animal Aid ruddy duck campaign : www . animalaid . org . uk / campaign / wildlife / ruddyduck . htm
  8. Previous grant recipients have included : the Environmental Defenders Office NT, Green Connect, Animal Aid Abroad and more.
  9. "' Animal Aid "', founded in 1977 by Jean Pink, is a British animal rights organisation.
  10. Animal Aid conducts undercover investigations, produces campaign reports, leaflets and factfiles, as well as educational videos and other resources.
  11. There she met Jean Pink, founder of Animal Aid, who told her about an anti-vivisection march in Cambridge.
  12. Both Ward and Blakemore have expressed a wish to include more of these organisations, including BUAV, NAVS, PETA and Animal Aid.
  13. He cited the " Animal Planet Rescue " vehicle, which has provided animal aid during such disasters as the 1998 Florida wildfires.
  14. Animal Aid and the National Anti-Vivisection Society said doing so would have prevented the university from reversing its decision to shelve the project.
  15. Mountainview Elementary had a pet food drive for Waco's two animal aid agencies, the Waco Humane Society Animal Shelter and Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue.
  16. "' Andrew Tyler "'is the director of Animal Aid, the UK's second largest animal rights organization ( after PETA ).
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