animal allergy造句


  1. Treatment for animal allergies is identical to human treatment : corticosteroids, antihistamines, and antibiotics for secondary infections.
  2. They are hypoallergenic and often do well with people that have usual animal allergies as they have hair and not fur.
  3. Dr . Heather Peikes, a veterinarian at Animal Allergy and Dermatology in Chelsea, confirms that people often come in flustered over the slightest change in stool.
  4. Pollen and animal allergies often can be moderated with desensitization shots _ injecting the patient with ever-increasing amounts of the allergen _ but food desensitization shots are too dangerous.
  5. Over-exposure to allergens in occupational situations can cause allergic responses, such as Laboratory animal allergy, bird lung, farmer's lung and bakers lung ( See Wheat allergy ).
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