animal alpha造句


  1. On March 12, 2009, Animal Alpha disbanded.
  2. He also has been working with Noora Noor, Animal Alpha, Bach Technology Gmbh.
  3. The band was formed in early 2010 after the break-up of Animal Alpha and Stonegard.
  4. As a musician Cederberg had played with Animal Alpha, In the Woods . . . and Stille Oppr鴕.
  5. The song " Bundy " by Norwegian rock band Animal Alpha is used during the film's end credits, but is not included on the film's soundtrack.
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  7. Last time Thomas was in the US he was playing the SXSW convention in Texas after recording the ground breaking debut album " Pheromones " at Sylvia Massey's RADIOSTAR studio in Oregon, with his previous band ANIMAL ALPHA ."
  8. In the summer of 2006, Major Parkinson was invited to record a debut album in the Radio Star Studios by producer Sylvia Massy, who also has worked with artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Johnny Cash, System Of A Down, Seigmen and Animal Alpha.
  9. Wild Water has despite of their young age already worked with some of Norway's most renown musicians . " That Great View " was produced by Animal Alpha guitarist Christer-Andr?Cederberg, and During summer of 2007 Wild Water recorded their second album with Norwegian guitar legend Freddy Lindquist as the producer.
  10. There are many possibilities of fine hiking in the mountains, either north or south, surrounding the village, a hiking trail starting near the Lote Tunnel going south leads to a magnificent high view over other arms of the The School, Bertine Zetlitz, Marit Larsen, Lukestar, Jim St鋜k, Animal Alpha, 舋e Aleksandersen, Eye Emma Jedi, Svelekameratane, and Turbonegro have performed.


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