1. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, substitute Anteneh Feleke scored in the 80th minute as Ethiopia shocked Liberia 1-0 in Group 2.
  2. Substitute Anteneh Feleke scored in the 80th minute to give Ethiopia a 1-0 victory over Liberia in an AFrican Cup of Nations qualifier Sunday.
  3. Anteneh was first detained in 2006 for over two months on charges of instigating violence in the 2005 elections, and alleged that he was tortured during that incarceration.
  4. At the 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics, Cherono became the first woman to retain the 3000 m junior title as she held off a challenge from Emebet Anteneh to become the first gold medallist of the event.
  5. Another victim was Anteneh Getnet, chairman of the original ETA in Addis Ababa and an ETA coordinator, who was arrested in 2006 on charges of being a member of the Ethiopian Patriotic Front an outlawed, allegedly armed group operating in the Amhara Region.
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  7. "' Anteneh Addisu "', known by his stage name "'ANTHM "', is a rapper from Manhattan, NY . Of Ethiopian descent, ANTHM was born in Russia, but spent parts of his childhood in Germany and Dallas, TX . Before pursuing a rap career, ANTHM attended Duke University, then went on to become a trader at the Wall Street firm Citigroup.


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