1. Antero Benedito da Silva from East Timor was the first laureate.
  2. Councilors Epitacio Apolinar and Antero Roxas were recalled by the Army.
  3. Borenius'son Heikki Antero Borenius joined the firm in 1947.
  4. Antero Leitzinger flagged the affair the 19th century's largest genocide.
  5. The antero-internal cingulum is missing in the molars of Lepidolemur.
  6. It's difficult to find antero in a sentence. 用antero造句挺难的
  7. One feeds into the intersection of Tirona Highway and Antero Soriano Highway.
  8. Antero Berboso, OMI became parish priest assisted by Rev . Fr.
  9. Senior Constable Antero Palo, 32, and Sgt.
  10. Antero stands at the head of modern Portuguese poetry after Jo鉶 de Deus.
  11. There are two popular climbing routes on Mount Antero.
  12. Nearby land attractions include the Volcan de Lodo or Mud volcano of San Antero
  13. They are relatively elongated and overlap antero-laterally.
  14. Excerpt of the lyrics of " D鬰i Gu閞ra " from Antero Simas.
  15. Chalk Lake is directly north of Mount Antero and directly south of Mount Princeton.
  16. Rick Antero of the Mountain Lakes police.
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