anybody seen my baby造句


  1. No Doubt; " Anybody Seen My Baby,"
  2. "Anybody Seen My Baby ? " is a typical song from the"
  3. The difference is obvious on the first single, the Dust Brothers-produced " Anybody Seen My Baby ."
  4. Other songs, such as " Anybody Seen My Baby ? " and " Already Over Me, " are forgettably generic.
  5. In 1997 Mink and k . d . lang were co-credited as songwriters on the Rolling Stones single " Anybody Seen My Baby ? ".
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  7. In 1997, Markie appeared on the Rolling Stones'song " Anybody Seen My Baby ? " on their album " Bridges to Babylon ".
  8. Contenders for Best Pop Group Vocal are Fleetwood Mac with Silver Springs, No Doubt with Don't Speak, and Rolling Stones with Anybody Seen My Baby?
  9. She received a writing credit for the Rolling Stones 1997 song, " Anybody Seen My Baby ? ", whose chorus sounds strikingly similar to " Constant Craving ".
  10. Coincidentally, " Has Anybody Seen My Baby " is reported to have been the title of a song written and recorded by Brian Jones after leaving the Rolling Stones.
  11. Jones had apparently demoed a few of his own songs in the weeks before his death, including " Has Anybody Seen My Baby ? " and " Chow Time ".
  12. The Rolling Stones guitarist was listening to the band's new single, " Anybody Seen My Baby, " when his daughter joined dad at the kitchen table.
  13. A spokeswoman in New York said Tuesday the band was still there shooting a video for the first single, Anybody Seen My Baby, tentatively set for radio release on Sept . 10.
  14. More recently she was seen in " Playing By Heart " ( 1999 ), and she also appeared in the Rolling Stones video, " Has Anybody Seen My Baby ?"
  15. The chorus to " Anybody Seen My Baby ? " is a direct lift from lang's " Constant Craving, " which forced them to give her a last-minute writing credit.
  16. Ten video clips of the 11 artistes featured on the album will appear on the one-hour show ( Rolling Stone's Anybody Seen My Baby didn't get the green light from the censors ).
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