1. The video also prominently featured an Anycall phone.
  2. Choi won with 1, 307 points ahead of Suh's 1, 237 on Anycall.
  3. The Haptic phone is a touch phone developed by South Korean mobile phone company Anycall, a division of Samsung Group.
  4. World-leading manufacturing facilities for Anycall ( Samsung Mobile ) and POSCO's main factories are located near the city.
  5. Anycall or Samsung are the brands that are usually associated with this phone, however both manufacturers refuse to support the 5200.
  6. It's difficult to find anycall in a sentence. 用anycall造句挺难的
  7. Due to renewal of their endorsement deal with Samsung, 2PM recorded the song " Nori For U " for Samsung Anycall NORi.
  8. Musical group AnyBand is a promotional band formed by cell phone brand Samsung's Anycall, which promoted their product " AnyBand " new cell phones.
  9. Anycall has launched successful brands of the phone, such as Yuna's Haptic, advertised by famous South Korean skater Kim Yuna and the Haptic Amoled.
  10. TV commercials for Samsung s Anycall cell phone featuring North Korean dancer Cho Myong-ae and South Korea s Lee Hyo-ri were first broadcast on June 11, 2006.
  11. The Anycall 5200 can usually be purchased through internet-based merchants such as eBay and is not found in retail stores due to the phone's disregard for copyright restrictions.
  12. The "'2001 02 Anycall Professional Basketball season "'was the sixth season of the Korean Basketball League which is held in the month of October and finishes by April of the next year.
  13. The burning ceremony ingrained the motto'Quality is Pride,'the essence of New Management, in every employee's mind . In October 1994, the SH-770 was introduced under the brand name " Anycall ".
  14. Shortly thereafter, the group endorsed the Samsung Corby mobile phone, one of the newest mobile devices in Samsung's popular " Anycall " series, both on television and on the Samsung website . 2PM is also currently endorsing Paris-Croissant Food Company's Paris Baguette bakery franchise, for which the group recorded a special Christmas song and are featured in a series of commercials with popular Korean actress Kim Tae-hee.


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