1. Their strongholds at Ora and Aornus, were also likewise stormed.
  2. to understand the sound strategic reasons which caused Alexander, before attacking Aornus, first to turn south to the Peshawar valley.
  3. After the siege of Aornus Nearchus was sent at the head of a reconnaissance mission  especially to find out about elephants ( A 4.30.5 6 ).
  4. Finally, when attacking Aornus from the south, Alexander could command all the advantages that the Indus valley and the fertile plains of the Peshawar valley would offer in respect of supplies and other resources
  5. A few days later on, the Macedonians were able to take Ora, after which point the denizens of Bazira looked on their cause as lost, and abandoned Bazira to the Macedonians and headed off to Aornus.
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  7. It was therefore critical to take the whole of this valley so that no reinforcements could be brought up into the valley and file through either the north or south exit of the valley and debouch on Alexander while he was besieging Aornus.


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