1. Pani divided the JNA forces into Northern and Southern Areas of Responsibility ( AORs ).
  2. Operational activity at the following AORs.
  3. CANBAT 1 was expected to deploy one mechanised company each to the JORDBAT and the NEPBAT AORs to position themselves defensively.
  4. Goksel listened and jotted down the codes and coordinates of the " AORs, " the UN " areas of responsibility ."
  5. The command's mission is " To provide logistic support to operational forces forward deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf AORs in support of national policy objectives ."
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  7. To fulfill the same role in the less demanding Anti-Submarine Support Aircraft Carrier ( CVS ) groups, the navy built the similar, but smaller and slower, AORs.
  8. The lack of sufficient numbers of AOEs or AORs precluded the deployment of these types in support of any of the surface warfare groups, which were generally composed of destroyers and frigates.
  9. Each application usually has its own " Terminal-Owning Region " ( TOR ) and one or more " Application-Owning Regions " ( AORs ), though other topologies are possible.
  10. Commander, Task Force 65 / Commander Destroyer Squadron SIX ZERO exercises operational and tactical control of all forward deployed surface combatants operating in the USEUCOM and USAFRICOM AORs under the direction of Naval Forces Europe / Africa.
  11. Following completion of a series of detachment operations, VP-4 departed MCB Kaneohe Bay for a split site deployment in November 2010, supporting assets in both the US 5th Fleet and US 7th Fleet AORs.
  12. In 2011, the US DOD announced a new Unclassified Information Sharing Service ( UISS ) as an enterprise service centrally funded for all Combatant Commands ( COCOMs ) to use with mission partners in their respective AORs.
  13. For example, the AORs might not perform File I / O . Instead there would be " File-Owning Regions " ( FORs ) that performed the File I / O on behalf of transactions in the AOR.
  14. On 23 March 1956, as a gesture towards the abolition of the Academy of Sciences of Romania and its integration into the People's Republic Romanian Academy, Traian Svulescu, as President of the Academy, organized the inaugural meeting of the Association of Romanian Scientists ( AORS ).


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