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  1. There is also a minute blackish spot on the lower edge of the apical lobe.
  2. "Vermilacinia nylanderi " was first recognized by color changes in the thallus after its collection in the field, initially appearing pinkish on apical lobes, then yellow orange and then gradually turning brown within a few years.
  3. The lung is made up of a spongy, but very stretchy, material which has 2 lobes on the right and left side ( a smaller, apical lobe and a large, caudal lobe ) in addition to the accessory lobe.
  4. This is preceded by a dark spot on the middle of the cell, with another on the dorsum and little beyond it, and a costal spot before the apex is followed by another on the lower margin of the apical lobe.
  5. The forewings are pale ochreous, with a broad brownish ochreous diffused shade commencing at the middle of the base and extending to the apex, a pale line running through it along the middle of the apical lobe, the costa also narrowly pale throughout.
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  7. On the apical lobe, an obliquely curved reddish-brown spot is found at the base of the fissure, as well as an elongate dark fuscous spot on the costa, above the basal half of the fissure, separated by a pale spot from a few fuscous scales beyond it.


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