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  1. Advances on genetic transformation of cotton shoot apical meristem via gene - gun bombardment
  2. It is implicated in the uptake of calcium , the development of apical meristems , and pollen germination
  3. Primary growth growth derived solely from meristems present in the embryo , i . e . apical meristems
  4. The term is used particularly in relation to a part of the apical meristem that later differentiates further
  5. Leaf is the first lateral organ produced by the activity of the shoot apical meristem ( sam )
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  7. Quiescent center a group of cells in the center of the apical meristem in which mitotic divisions are rate or absent
  8. Calyptogen a layer of meristematic cells covering the root apical meristem in some plants ( e . g . grasses ) that gives rise to and maintains the root cap
  9. Ground meristem the central region of the apical meristem from which the ground tissues of pith , cortex , medullary rays , and mesophyll differentiate . in root meristem it is also called periblem
  10. Advances in the techniques for cryopreservation of " musa " . including germplasm embryogenic cell suspension , zygotic embryos and apical meristems over ten years are reviewed ; and the main factors affecting cryopreservation are also mentioned , which include material , pretreatment , loading and dehydrating
  11. Labeling tunel method . the cell ultrastructural changes were similar to apoptosis in animal cells : the apical meristemetic cells underwent the programmed cell death . this was first detected in the apex cells of apical meristem , while peripheral cells differentiated gradually into different parts of a floral bud . but all the cells in the floral bud were subjected to the pcd process before it developed into a complete flower . 140bp dna fragment was found to deposit in apical bud during the plant development . the most important role of caspase - 8 was detected by western blot , and the expression of the procaspase - 8 was time - related with the dna frgmentation and the transformation from vegetative to the reproductive growth . these results suggested that pcd was an active process during the differentiation of apical meristem , and the senescence observed in the apical bud was due to the pcd process
    显微超微结构研究表明,短日照条件下豌豆顶芽的衰老过程是从营养生长锥向花芽的转化,而用dna原位末端标记tunel caspase - 8 western blot和140 bp dna片断积累的试验结果证明,转化为花芽的整个生长锥细胞发生了编程性死亡pcd ,而且其最顶端部分细胞首先发生pcd ,而顶端周围的分生组织细胞逐渐分化出花芽的各部分,但顶芽最后并没有发育成为完整的花,所有细胞就都发生pcd ,从而顶芽衰老。


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