1. Impairment at this stage would be consistent with apperceptive agnosia.
  2. Broadly, visual agnosia is divided into apperceptive and associative visual agnosia.
  3. It involves a higher level of processing than apperceptive agnosia.
  4. In addition the occipitoparietal pathway is sometimes damaged in apperceptive agnosia patients.
  5. This is further subdivided into apperceptive and associative prosopagnosia.
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  7. This uniquely apperceptive work challenges accepted standards of beauty.
  8. Those with apperceptive agnosia, however, have difficultly copying geometric shapes and letters.
  9. Apperceptive agnosia affects the fixation, reach for moving targets, and write as well.
  10. Brain damage leads to apperceptive agnosia because there is damage to a particular semantic category.
  11. For example, patient DF had lesions to the ventral surface that gave her apperceptive agnosia.
  12. The brain areas thought to play a critical role in apperceptive prosopagnosia are right occipital temporal regions.
  13. Each patient that suffers from apperceptive agnosia does not have brain damage in exactly the same area.
  14. Apperceptive visual agnosia results in profound difficulties on a patient's ability to recognize visually presented information.
  15. Visual agnosia ( both apperceptive and associative ) is prevalent in Alzheimer s Disease ( AD ) patients.
  16. However, in addition to visual apperceptive agnosia there are also cases of apperceptive agnosia in other sensory areas.
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